JLIS 19(1) 2021.06








Full-text: https://jlis.lis.ntu.edu.tw/html/journal-52.html

Adoption of Data Mining Methods in the Discipline of Library and Information Science
    Marie Katsurai, Soohyung Joo

Cultural Differences in the Allocation of Attention to Information Architecture Components
    Wei Jeng, Hsin-Yuan Hu, Gao-Ming Tang, Shih-Yi Chien

How Genuine is Computer-Generated News? ─ Evaluation of Automated Text Generation Applied to Economic News
    Yuen-Hsien Tseng曾元顯、Yu-Chi Li林郁綺

A Qualitative Study on the Emotional Healing Efficacy of Movies: The Case of Undergraduates Dealing with Uncertainty in Career Development
    Chen Su-may Sheih陳書梅

Exploring the Patterns of Funded Papers in Social Science in Taiwan
    Huei-Ru Dong董蕙茹

Exploring the Factors and Motivations of Online Fiction Consumption
    Che-Jui Hsu許哲睿、I-Chin Wu吳怡瑾

Review of the Editions of Mi Shu Sheng Xu Bian Dao Si Ku Que Shu Mu about the Existing Transmitted Editions
    Sheng-Xiang Yang楊勝祥

Published: 2021-06-01