JLIS 18(2) 2020.12








Full-text: https://jlis.lis.ntu.edu.tw/html/journal-51.html

The Effects of Sharing Selection, Organization, Association, and Regulation (SOAR) Study Note on Learners’ Reading Comprehension and Reading Anxiety
   Chih-Ming Chen, Lu-Chia Chien

Quantifying Interactions between Layers in Duplex Networks Using Interactive Entropy
   Ronda J. Zhang, Fred Y. Ye

Self-plagiarism in Academic Writing: Concepts, Cases, Regulations, and Best Practices (with English extended abstract)
   Chien Chou 周倩 , Sophia Jui-An Pan 潘璿安

Implementation and Evaluation of a Retrieval-based Chinese Humor Chatbot (with English extended abstract)
   Yuen-Hsien Tseng 曾元顯 , Wei-Lun Hsu 許瑋倫 , Wun-Syuan Wu 吳玟萱 , Yi-Ciao Gu 古怡巧 , Hsueh-Chih Chen 陳學志

A Study on Scholars’ Perceptions and Practices of Research Data Management (with English extended abstract)
   Yi-Ching Lu 陸怡靖 , Hao-Ren Ke 柯皓仁

How Much Do Pregnant Women Know? An Exploratory Study on the Readability of Frequently-used Nutrition Terms (with English extended abstract)
   Chia-Ling Chang 張家翎 , Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu 邱銘心

Chinese Catalogue Cards of National Library of Peiping (with English extended abstract)
   Qiang Lei 雷 強

Published: 2020-12-23