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Vol 20 No 1 (2022): 圖書資訊學刊20卷1期
JLIS 20(1) 2022.06








Practicability of Ensemble Artificial Neural Network Models for a Classification Task
Sukjin You, Min Sook Park, and Soohyung Joo

The Effect of Motion Infographics on the Learning of Third and Fourth Grade Resource Classes and Regular Classes in Elementary School
Shih-Ting Tsai, Hsin-Yi Huang, and Teng-Wen Chang

Do Public Announcements of Drug Development Events Influence a Drug Company’s Market Value? A Study on Pfizer
Yu-Han Tsao and Chun-Chieh Wang

Analyses of US National Science Foundation’s Suspected Incidents of Noncompliance in Research: 1989-2019美國國家科學基金會研究違失案件之分類與處置:1989─2019年
Chien Chou 周倩、Sophia Jui-An Pan 潘璿安

Understanding Taxonomical Botanist’s Usage of Special Collection in the Academic Library: A bibliometrics study of NTU Tanaka Collection
Weijane Lin 林維真、Hsiang-Jou Chang 張翔柔

Exploring the Factors Influencing Government Agencies’ Intention to Implement Open Data Policies in Taiwan: A Quantitative and Multi-group Analysis Perspective
Tung-Mou Yang 楊東謀、Meng-Chia Wu 吳孟家

Users’ Concerns and Expectations about Space Qualities in Public Libraries
Chun-Yu Liu 劉醇郁、Shiao-Feng Su蘇小鳳

Published: 2022-06-23
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