Journal of Library & Information Studies (ISSN 1606-7509; former title: Journal of Library Science) is an open access journal published semi-annually by the Department of Library & Information Science of the National Taiwan University. The content is published simultaneously in paper and electronic format. Submission of Chinese or English manuscripts in the areas of library science, information science, computer science, bibliography, documentation, archives, instructional technologies, or other related fields is highly welcomed. JLIS is currently fully sponsored by the National Taiwan University. We do not charge publication fees from the authors.  JLIS has been evaluated as one of the Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI) Tier 1 (top-ranked) journals.

圖書資訊學刊(ISSN 1606-7509)是臺灣大學圖書資訊學系所出版的研究型期刊,刊載圖書館學、資訊科學、電腦科學、目錄學、檔案學、教學科技等相關領域之中英文學術論文。本刊現為開放取用之半年刊,採紙本與線上同步出版,歡迎學者多加利用並踴躍投稿。本刊於科技部人文社會科學研究中心2017年期刊評比(審查資料範圍:2014-2016年)中,受評為第一級,收錄為社會科學核心期刊(TSSCI)。